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"Born in 1960, our company handles the tradition of the crib from father to son. We handle everything that concerns the crib: from the construction material (cork, moss, lights etc.) to a series of shepherds like Landi and Fontanini. But also Neapolitan terracotta shepherds which are our tradition. We also sell paintings, prints and other articles relating to classical and modern art."

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    Luce effetto fuoco tremolante a led per uso internoOttima per simulare un fuoco acceso (in un forno, in un bivacco, in una cucina ecc.) -------------------------------------------------------------------- Caratteristiche tecniche:- lunghezza cavo 1,5 metri- lunghezza lampadina: 1 cm- 230 V- 50 Hz- lampadina da 1,5 W

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  • Fire Effect Lamp to be used as a spare. N.b: needs a lamp holder to work. In our store you will also find the complete fire effect. ------ Technical Measures:Height: 5.5 cm Glass height: 4 cm 220 Volt 1.5 Watt Attack: E14: diameter 14 mm - attack height 22 mm

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  • LED flickering light effect for indoor use Excellent for simulating a lit fire (in an oven, in a bivouac, in a kitchen, etc.)--------------------Technical features:cable length 1.5 meters bulb length with lamp holder: 7 cm Lamp length: 3.5 230 V - 50 Hz 1.5 W bulb IP20 Class II

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