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"Born in 1960, our company handles the tradition of the crib from father to son. We handle everything that concerns the crib: from the construction material (cork, moss, lights etc.) to a series of shepherds like Landi and Fontanini. But also Neapolitan terracotta shepherds which are our tradition. We also sell paintings, prints and other articles relating to classical and modern art."

Have you ever thought of making the Easter Nativity scene?

This custom consists in setting up the sets with the episodes of the passion,
of the death and resurrection of Jesus, in analogy of the more usual Christmas scenery.

It is a much followed and loved Tradition and involves the creation, in whole or in part, of the scenes from the Life of Christ, to be exhibited during the period of Lent.

This representation is highly emotional in that the life of the adult Jesus is staged, which goes towards the last days of his existence,
showing the intensity and emotions of these highlights.

Contemplating the mysteries of these last seven days of Jesus' life helps us to identify ourselves in the scenes of the Passion and Death of Our Lord.

Here are some examples that represent scenes from the Easter Nativity:



      Fuga in Egitto

Here you will find everything you need to make your Easter scenes!
From the material to build the scenography to the lighting one, as well as a wide range of characters corresponding to the scenes from the life of Jesus

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