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"Born in 1960, our company handles the tradition of the crib from father to son. We handle everything that concerns the crib: from the construction material (cork, moss, lights etc.) to a series of shepherds like Landi and Fontanini. But also Neapolitan terracotta shepherds which are our tradition. We also sell paintings, prints and other articles relating to classical and modern art."

  • NATALINO 200R Day / night fading: By connecting the filament 220V lamps to the common outlets, the cross-fade day / night simulation is obtained. The duration of the entire cycle can be adjusted using an external knob. Features:Power supply: 220V Day / night fading: 200W per phase Full cycle time: from 10 '' to 300 '' seconds Load admitted: only...

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  • NATALINO 4 Stages The Natalino 4 stages realizes the variation of the lights for the simulation of the phases ALBA DAY NIGHT-SUNSET in the cribs. The phases follow each other in cross-fading, therefore, while slowly one phase goes down in brightness, the next one goes up. Features:Power supply: 220V Sunrise / Day / Sunset / Night Fade: 200W per phase...

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  • Natalino 2+2 with adjustable day / night 2-phase fading  In the dissolving socket All the lamps necessary for day lighting must be connected. In the daytime sync socket all the effects related to the day. In the dissolving socket Night "all the lamps of the night (only resistive loads can be connected), and in night time all night-related effects

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  • Natalino N502Natalino N502 is a control unit with 6 outputs: 4 phases in fading for the lights ALBA DAY SUNSET NIGHT and 2 sockets synchronized with the phases for the effects, motors, recorders, movements, electronic effects and so on. The DAY EFFECTS jack is synchronized with the ALBA DAY SERA phases, the NIGHT EFFECTS jack is synchronized with the...

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  • Centralina 2 fasi + 8 suoni sincronizzati:2 Dissolvenza 8 suoni sincronizzati Collegare nella presa DISSOLVENZA GIORNO le lampade del giorno Collegare nella presa DISSOLVENZA NOTTE le lampade della notte Collegare alle prese dissolvenza solo carichi resistivi (lampade filamento 220V)  Attacco: 220 V Potenza singola fase: 200W Tempo ciclo regolabile da 1...

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    FunzionamentoCentralina Lampo 300W è estremamente semplice e pratico.  uscita 300W. Il susseguirsi dei lampeggi in più zone simula alla perfezione la realtà. Collegare solo carichi resistivi (lampade a filamento 220V)-----Caratteristiche fasi: Attacco: 220 volt Effetto Lampo: 300W PRODOTTO MADE IN ITALY

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  • Operation Once the time has been decided and the sockets connected, the plug will slowly turn off (fade) the day and turn on the night phase according to the set time. - Phase features:220V connection Single phase power: 100W For all ip20 lights Cycle time adjustable from 0.30 seconds to 3 minutesN.B: it is not possible to connect LED lights

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  • INSTRUCTIONS: Move the battery-in-box switch on the back to "On" to turn on the product. - Technical features:Power supply: 4 AA 1.5-volt stylus batteries INCLUDED IN THE PRICE Measure: 40 x 60 Cm Thickness: 2.5 Cm Star Color: White Cold Material: Wood, fiber optics and rigid clothN.B: The panel is very solid and resistant

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  • Flickering control unit for stars and fires Operation: by connecting 220V lamps to the outputs, an irregular tremulous light is obtained. It is useful for feeding optical fiber stars (S1 or S2) or 220V lamps for fire effect. Control unit technical features:power supply: 220V maximum power: 100WPRODUCT MADE IN ITALY

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  • Fiber optic stars for nativity scene It can be used autonomously or connected in fade to any control unit with 220V output It is the most modern, practical and effective system for simulating stars. The light of the illuminator is transmitted by a bundle of optical fibers formed by different sections and lengths. The tips of the optical fibers will be...

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  • 10 meter fiber optic reel diameter of your choice These are synthetic fibers which, illuminated at one end, transmit light at the other end.In realizing the starry sky it is advisable to use fibers of different diameters, in order to represent a scene as realistic as possible: they look at the sky at night the stars differ in size and intensity.

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