About us

"Born in 1960, our company handles the tradition of the crib from father to son. We handle everything that concerns the crib: from the construction material (cork, moss, lights etc.) to a series of shepherds like Landi and Fontanini. But also Neapolitan terracotta shepherds which are our tradition. We also sell paintings, prints and other articles relating to classical and modern art."

Fidelity points


Loyalty points are an important tool for further savings we make available to our customers. By accumulating loyalty points you can save very quickly .

How do they work
At each purchase, Gambardella Pastori & Quadri rewards you by giving you a point for each Euro (remember, each point has a value of 0.04 Cent / Euro) that you can accumulate to get an extra discount on the total of your next order.

You can take advantage of accumulated points, all or part of them, during the "Order Summary" phase within the "Shopping Cart" section;you can use them for a minimum purchase of € 20.00.

To use the accumulated points, you will only need to convert your earned points to be able to spend within our online store. This can be done directly from your account by clicking on MY LOYALITY POINTS.

When points are converted into money you will have a discount code, you will have to be place it in the "PROMOTIONAL CODE" box at the time of a future purchase.Once you have entered the code, the system will automatically determine the corresponding discount and then you will be able to complete the purchase.

Remember that you can only discount the amount of products you intend to purchase and not the shipping costs.
Once logged in, credit points will always be visible within your account.

Please note
Loyalty Points are assigned, after the order expedition (shipment), to all accounts of registered Customers and must be used within 1 year from the date of receipt.

My Loyalty Points